We are looking for programmers or Marketing specialists to join our team to develop our Platform to connect Patients, specialists an research based on the time based data collected by patients with our app of RegisterYourJourney.

  1. We need programmers that have knowledge of PHP, Javascript, java, database, platform development and or security.
  2. For Marketing we need specialists that can attract more Patients to use our idea to keep track of how they are doing and what they do to feel better.

Having knowledge of chronic diseases and the impact it has on human lives is fundamental to understand what we are trying to do. Its also important to know we all work in different places, some in Spain, some in the Netherlands and some in other countries in the world. This means being able to work independently and having initiative is  important as well

What can we offer:

Because we are a startup we have no money to start building, all that’s done until now is build using our own time and resources. Thats why we will start a team using the “slicing Pie” principle so everybody can get a fair share compared to what they invested. More information can be found on http://slicingpie.com.

We can develop in two directions, a commercial one and a non commercial one, but decisions will be made by the complete team if we have everybody together.

So its a big adventure, without any promises. But if you see the potential you see the possible profits as well.