What an exciting week last week going to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Because tickets to enter were around €800,- I decided to get some attention in a different way. So I made myself a sign and went to the entrance of the congress so all that enter would see me. So I’ve been 4 days at the entrance, hoping to lay contact with possible investors to start to develop our app further.

But, I haven’t found myself the €250.000,- I was asking for but did finally get a ticket to enter the World Mobile congress and the 4 Years from now startup fair for free. So strange things do help sometimes to get where you want.

I do have a lot of contacts now like IBM Watson, Ericsson sustainability, Nokia healthcare Mastercard and others and all reactions to our idea where very good.

Now its time to see if we can form a team and use our contacts to raise our idea to the next level.

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