We are now one and a half month online with the app and I personal have registered already to many Symptoms and medicine use. I share my registerations to show you how your data will get made visible now and I give you an example on how I hope to change the timeline in the future.


 Current timeline

The current timeline give an overview of all registrations made. By clicking one of the groups on the top, you can hide that group from the timeline to get a better view on the rest. This isn’t perfect yet, thats why we have a concept ready to change this timeline to something that gives more view on all data.

 The new Timeline

The new timeline will show all registered items individual, so you can view all symptoms seperately. We will also treat symptoms that take more that one day in a different way, like backpain, Psoriasis, emotions etc. This will five us a better view on all registered data.


So this new timeline will give us more view and more detail of all registered symptoms, medications or other items that you have registered with the app.

If you use the app and if you are happy, we will be very happy if you can share one of our messages, website online on facebook, google+ or any other way. We make this app for free but we can only keep on doing it if we notice people like it and use it. So please help if you can by sharing.