We just released a new version of the Android and Iphone app with a new function for the buttons. We have also changed the + sign to add buttons with a settings settingsicon icon. The menu contains 3 items, delete button, Edit button & Add button.

The edit option:
With the “edit option” you can add a value to some buttons. The button will use this value when pressed.
Go to the settings icon, press the “Edit” option. The edit icon now appears in your buttons. Press one button to see if you can set a value. Fill in the popup with the amount you use and safe it. From now on, when you press this button, you don’t have to add a amount, it will use this value. If you want to change this amount, just edit it again.

We will use this edit option more in the future. All buttons will get some standard values to help you register. But more about that in a next update.

I hope you like my work, please feel free to share any post with friends or other people that could use this app. Also people that have no symptoms, that are very healthy, could use this app to register. Just request the buttons you need and it is ready to use.