nobism is online and is looking for patients to JOIN this unique idea. its is the follow-up of registeryourjourney .

Our goal is to connect patients, specialists and research using real time data collected by us patients. So if we have an attack, we press the button. If we have a chronic shoulder pain, we press the button. If we take a medicine, vitamin, mineral or anything else to feel better, we press the button. This way we collect our own health data.

nobism will give you the option to share these data with whom you want. specialists, research or anybody that wants to compare data. The choice is yours.

We know it’s controversial to collect and share patients data. So we are sure we will get some resistance on that point. We would like to address some point on that.

  • All data you will collect will be owned by you. The patient. Not by any research team, pharmaceutical or anyone else. It’s your data.
  • Everything that is shared of your data, is shared by you and not by anybody else. As default setting you are not sharing anything.
  • If you share, you don’t send your data away. Your data will always stay at nobism. The only thing you do by sharing is giving specialists and research the option to look at it and get information out of it.
  • You decide with whom to share and what to share.¬†App and platform will show your decisions so you will always have it very clear what you are sharing.
  • If you decide to stop sharing, nobody will see your data anymore.
  • nobism will not do anything more with your data than give you the option to share.

Why do we setup nobism?

We are all looking for a better life. Together we try everything from regular treatments, therapy to alternative treatments. By collecting data we can build up knowledge together. knowledge about what is and what isn’t working. And because we try every treatment available in the world. Maybe we can find the best treatments this planet has to offer us.

Please read our website at and JOIN if you like it