How does the app work







The basic idea of the app is that we press a button to make a registration. You can add the buttons that you need to use, just because we are all individuals.

Every registration made contains the time, date, label of button and the popup info like the intensity of an attack. In the future we will add more options to the buttons to get more detailed registrations.

If you first download the app, the buttons dashboard will be empty. You’ll need to add your own set of buttons.

5 Chapters

We have 5 chapters at the moment; Buttons, History, Timeline, News and Contact.

The Buttons chapter is your dashboard were you can load your buttons and were you make your registrations
The History chapter gives you an overview of all registrations made and the option to send these data to your email.
The Timeline shows all registrations made through time. It still a simple setup but will become better through time.
News displays the news items, we inform you here about new bottuns, updates or changes
Contact shows some info about the app and a link to the list of buttons and the contactpage on the website

Request a button

Use this form to request your missing buttons. We will review your request and add the button as soon as possible.
In which group can we add the button

Empty dashboard

If you start the app you will have an empty dashboard, no buttons are loaded. I’ve done this so you need to think about what you want to register and load those buttons to the buttons dashboard.

Adding a button

By pressing the + on the right top a menu will open showing all the categories of buttons we have at the moment. If you choose one of the categories you will get a list of available buttons. If you press one of them, you add the button to the dashboard.

You can add an other button from that category or go back to the dashboard by pressing the arrow on the left top corner.

Settings buttons

Some buttons have the option to pre-set some values. Medicine buttons are one of them. With this option you can pre-set the amount you take of a medicine, like this you don’t have to add it with every registration. Push the cockwheel in the right top corner. Choose the option to edit the buttons. If you do, a small icon will appear on the buttons to open the settings of that individual button. Add the values that are available and safe your changes. You will now see that a pre-set value is visible in you button.

Delete a button

If you stopped using a button, you can throw it away without any problem. Your registrations will not be touched by it. To delete a button you should go to the menu in the right top corner, while you are on the buttons page. Press “Delete buttons” in the menu and a wastebin icon will appear on your buttons. Press one of the Delete icons to eliminate that button. After that a popup will appear to confirm the elimination.

The History

The chapter history displays all the registrations made by the user off the app. They are displayed by time of registration, the oldest at the bottom, the newest on the top.

Email the History

By pressing the Send Mail button on the top right corner of the app, you can send your registrations to any email address you want. Simply press it, select the email account you use to send and receive email, add the receiver of the info and send it away.

the Timeline

This is the timeline we have online right now. Still very basic. We hope to add more view to it in the near future. What you see right now are my personal Cluster headache attacks during the last two month.


The News items displays the last blog entries of the website. With the news we will keep you informed about updates, changes, new functions or new buttons.


The Contact item gives some information about the app and a link to the contactform and the buttons on the website. In the future we will integrade an option to request new buttons directly from the app.