As a cluster headache¬†patient, I understand now the importance of having a good view on my attacks medicine use end everything also I try to feel better, all to know if I’m better or worse than a year ago.

A person with a chronic disease is also searching a lot for solutions

If you are not feeling well once in a while, you wouldn’t probably understand. But if you have a disease that is taking control of your life, you will probably be busy searching for a solution to feel better. The problem with this search is that it only helps us to get more experience, but a better view is almost impossible, a view to know exacly how you are doing.

I often thought I had a solution for my attacks

In my personal search I had a lot of moment thinking I had a suolution for my problems. Happy with this fact I’ve been writing messages online to inform others about my solution.
Unfortunately most of them were not working, I just had a break in my attacks. Not knowing at that time that my attacks went from December until September, I had no idea that talking Botox would not help me in November, because I would be pain free.

A good view on your disease is knowledge

So if you have a chronic disease, and you want to have a good view on it, please download my app. I’ve made this app personal hoping it can help a lot of people with a chronic disease. You need to have interest in knowing what you do, but that it will serve you very well. I offer my app for FREE, knowing the struggle we all have with chronic diseases.

If you would like to use the app, just search for “regsiter Your Journey” in the appstore of Android or iPhone.

If it helped you, maybe you can help me as well.

This is a private initiative and the app is free to download. I also hope to keep it this way. But if you are happy with my work I hope you will help me out by sharing some of my messages on facebook, twitter, google+ or any other plaform you use. Advising my app to other people that can use it is a really nice thing to do as well. If you have specific knowledge and you think you can help me with that, please send me an email and I will get in contact with you.

I do hope that my work will help all of us searching for a solution.